Sunday, July 29, 2012

Introductory Lines

The first lines of each of the lovely characters of Lighting the Shadows~
Given in order of appearance.

Ceron: [joking] "Bah, sophomore finals... You won't know what real finals' stress is until you're a junior."
Lynnaea: [teasing] "And you will say the exact same thing next year."
Rhett: [grandly] “Ah, how exquisitely wonderful it is to see you on this gorgeous and entirely uneventful night, Madam!"
Serena: [angry] "Everyone move."
Marius: [curt] "Everyone else out."
((birds of a feather))

And let's let the villains have a chance to say their bit:
Falesyia: [breathless] "Oh, Marius, it's just like old times! Just you and me and all your little friends; isn't it EXCITING?
Aniello: [amused] "I am afraid struggling will do you no good at all, my dear."

Just sort of interesting to see how they all "introduce" themselves. ^^
Tune in for more~
<3 AmyLynn

Friday, October 7, 2011

First Fast Fiction Friday!'s definitely still Friday, okay. >__>
OKAY, so the idea of this is that every Friday (lulz another schedule what) I will find some sort of prompt and then write a short little story/drabble kind of thing (500 words or less) that the prompt inspires. I got the idea for this from here (this person is a great writer as well; check her stuff out!).
So this week, I was inspired by this (so read that first)! There was just too much I was curious about from that brilliant post, so I had to make up my own story behind it! And so I came up with this...
It's not perfect... kind of choppy... but I don't want to spend too much time on it or I'll get attached and start developing it and this is supposed to be a FAST thing. xD

Hope you enjoy. :]

He stood, watching her fall. There was so much screaming and flailing, it was almost comical. Like a scene from one of the cartoons of this world.

He felt his body react to the feelings of amusement, and something he had learned was called a 'chuckle' forced itself out of his throat with an accompanying huff of air. He grimaced, silencing the noise quickly. It still irked him to make sounds like that. These human bodies were not made for the silence he so loved. On the contrary, everything they did was loud. Stomping about with heavy feet, labored breathing even when at rest... even blinking had its own sound when it came to this species.

It was disgusting how they filled the beautiful silence of their world with their needless noises.

He had become one of them under extreme protest. He loathed giving up his Perfect form, but it was necessary. Worlds did not react kindly to invasion by other species, and this world was one of the most reticent and guarded he had ever encountered. She, (of course it was a she), seemed unusually protective of the creatures that beleaguered her with their existences. She was fond of them, apparently.

Well… it was not his place to judge a world for its eccentricities, he reminded himself. He was a simple Harvester, not one of the Council.

He felt the thud of the Fallen’s body a second or two before the sound reached his sensitive ears. He automatically (and silently) apologized to the World. He’d much rather have done this in a quiet manner, but the Fallen had chosen to jump instead… He heaved as soft a sigh as could be managed in this obnoxious body and shook his head.

A few seconds later, though, a satisfied smile stretched his lips as he spotted his reward. ‘There we go,’ he thought as the wind and its vibrant array of colors rushed for him, bearing along their precious cargo and crying out in sorrow and rage. He raised his arms and welcomed their swirling fury, and for a few seconds he was surrounded by a tempest of gold, red, orange, and yellow.

And then, in a brilliant flash of white, he, the Fallen, and the ColorWind disappeared.