Sunday, July 29, 2012

Introductory Lines

The first lines of each of the lovely characters of Lighting the Shadows~
Given in order of appearance.

Ceron: [joking] "Bah, sophomore finals... You won't know what real finals' stress is until you're a junior."
Lynnaea: [teasing] "And you will say the exact same thing next year."
Rhett: [grandly] “Ah, how exquisitely wonderful it is to see you on this gorgeous and entirely uneventful night, Madam!"
Serena: [angry] "Everyone move."
Marius: [curt] "Everyone else out."
((birds of a feather))

And let's let the villains have a chance to say their bit:
Falesyia: [breathless] "Oh, Marius, it's just like old times! Just you and me and all your little friends; isn't it EXCITING?
Aniello: [amused] "I am afraid struggling will do you no good at all, my dear."

Just sort of interesting to see how they all "introduce" themselves. ^^
Tune in for more~
<3 AmyLynn